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    contact person:Ada wang

    Tel: +86-559-7519970
    Mobile No138 0559 4528
    QQ:  68312886 
    skype: wangcaiyun1210
    MSN:  ada.wang1210@hotmail.com


    Pre-sales consulting

    Dear Client:

    Do you have any questions we need answer? You can fill your contact information and issues in Xindecheng
    hot melt adhesive website message board, can also telephone contact with our customer service staff.I hope you can tell us your construction detail, the adhesive material, the product of the application of environmental requirements, so that we can accurately give you recommend the most suitable and most cost-effective hot melt adhesive. We are convinced that the only solution to the demand for the product is real product, the manufacturers be able to solve the problem is the real seller.

    Only by understanding your needs, we can professionally serve your every detail to fully support your every leap!

    After communication,professionals will provide free samples to you.

    (A) Online free for samples:

     Option one:you can enter Xindecheng hot melt adhesive website, enter " free cord " column and fill in the correct you need samples related information.

     Option Two: In the home part of the official website of the company through the online customer tools or online MSN and SKYPE contact our Customer Service Department personnel to obtain samples for free!

    (B)Line free for samples: send a fax to 86-559-7519951, your address, company name, consignee, contact telephone number, use requirements are clearly written.


     Free cord statement: because there are often some not to buy goods of false buyer malicious demands samples, so we waste too much manpower and material resources, so the company has the following provisions for samples, please understanding:

     These regulations may bring you great inconvenience. Here,  Xindecheng environmental protection is a hot melt adhesive company with you all apologies. And thank you very much for your understanding and support!


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    Tel:  86 0559 7519970   Fax: 86 0559 7519971 Address: China Anhui Xiuning Yao and Shun Technology Park 

    Web: www.xdc-chemic.com Links


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